Coffee pods in filter paper San Marino

The Caffè Tostino products are granted by the attention always focused on every handcrafted production, where each detail is a fundamental part of the creation process and contributes to the achievement of an excellent result.

Following these principles Caffè Tostino produces:

- Coffee blend for bars, 100% Arabic, sweet and fragrant
- Strong blend, 70% Arabic and 30% Strong, robust and “Mediterranean”
- Coffee pods in filter paper
- Rigid coffee pods
- Flavored coffee pods
- Decaffeinated coffee pods

Distribution of handcrafted coffee

To offer a complete supply and a total customer assistance, Caffè Tostino also sells a wide range of products and machineries for bars and private customers, selecting the best brands available in the market. Caffè Tostino sells:

- Tea and infusion pods
- Coffee-related gifts and fancy goods
- Coffee machines for coffee grains
- Coffee machines for coffee pods

Espresso machine for coffee pods with double heat exchanger. It gives espresso and frothy milk simultaneously.
Simple to use to begin the day with an excellent Italian cappuccino.
The 15-bar pump and the heat exchanger grant the right exploitation of the pre-packed pod and allow to obtain a well-blended, thick and abundant coffee.
The milkwhipper allows to obtain an hot and creamy milk for the preparation of cappuccinos or coffees with a dash of milk. Thanks to its combined functioning it is possible to have espresso and frothy milk simultaneously.

Distribution of handcrafted coffee to Bars and Private customers
TECHNICAL DATA 230V 50HZ - 220V 60HZ -120V
60HZ - 1PHASE 1650W
230V 50HZ - 220V 60HZ -120V
60HZ - 1PHASE 850W
Chrome brass portafilter for coffee powder Mod.P400 Mod.P200

Chrome brass portafilter for capsules

Mod.K400 Mod.K200
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